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Welcome to 2BITS

Begin your expedition into the world of tech

Our Mission

We aim to inspire the new generation to be a part of a rapidly developing technological world, where data is the new currency. Exposing them to evolving and leading technologies that are modern breakthroughs of the 21st century


Ethical hacking has taken a major role in multiple industries to ensure the safety of users' and businesses' data. Learning the skill can be especially beneficial to keep yourself protected in the darkness of the internet.


It has been there for a while, but has only recently gained attention. Aiming to solve modern economic problems with technology, cryptocurriences are here to replace our existing, defective monetary system.


Turn ideas into reality by learning how to code. The possibilities are endless and fascinating. "Everyone should learn to code because it teaches you how to think" -Steve Jobs


You can achieve anything in the world, but only if you have the right mindset. Being self-aware and taking actions to improve oneself is a skill that can get you closer to your goals.

Our Story

Most developers start their journey with hacking. Having extensive control over others makes you feel powerful and indestructible, which excites people to learn the skill. We believe its the best way to develop interest in learning how systems work and their capabilities. The knowledge comes in handy when you move on to learning how to code.

We started 2BITS to provide students with a platform where they can begin their journey with thrill and take their skills to the next level, preparing them for their future and awakening their creative minds. With live and offline courses, blogs and events, we wish to provide an interactive experience ensuring students enjoy every bit of it.

Meet The Team


Arman Soni

Student at Dubai International Academy | Blogger | Programmer | 


Shubh Patni

Student at Northeastern | Programmer | Blogger | YouTuber

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